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Asif Alam Joy

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Course Description

" Asif Alam Joy sir is working with the top brand school in Dhaka as a very successful physics teacher. His skillful teaching will be very effective for those struggling with physics. So, get enrolled and enjoy his skillful teaching!”

Class: Class IX & X

Class Time Schedule

Day start  End Time Zone
Friday  6:00 pm 7:30 pm BD
Saturday  8:00 pm 9:30 pm BD

Course outline:
Entire Cambridge & Edexcel Syllabus.
Total six-month course / 54 classes with MOCK tests
Past paper solutions: 10 years+ past paper solutions
Free MOCK, time-to-time consultancy, and Free Text Book for early bird registration.

Topics to be covered:

Physics syllabus:

1. Measurements and Units:
   - Physical quantities
   - SI units
   - Measurement techniques

2. Kinematics:
   - Speed, velocity, and acceleration
   - Graphical analysis of motion
   - Equations of motion

3. Dynamics:
   - Newton's laws of motion
   - Forces and motion
   - Momentum and impulse

4. Mass, Weight, and Density:
   - Mass and weight
   - Density and pressure

5. Turning Effects of Forces:
   - Moments and levers
   - Stability and center of gravity

6. Energy, Work, and Power:
   - Forms of energy
   - Work, energy, and power
   - Efficiency and conservation of energy

7. Thermal Physics:
   - Thermal concepts
   - Heat transfer mechanisms
   - Thermal properties of matter

8. Waves:
   - Properties of waves
   - Sound waves
   - Light waves and electromagnetic spectrum

9. Light:
   - Reflection and refraction
   - Lenses and optical instruments
   - Color and dispersion

10. Electricity and Magnetism:
    - Electric circuits and components
    - Current, voltage, and resistance
    - Magnetism and electromagnetism

11. Atomic Physics:
    - Structure of the atom
    - Radioactivity
    - Nuclear energy

12. Electronics:
    - Electronic components
    - Digital and analog electronics
    - Simple circuits and logic gates

13. Space Physics (optional):
    - Solar system
    - Stars and galaxies
    - The Universe

Course Outcomes

  • O level Preparation

Required Qualifications

  1. Completion of class VIII and all O level candidates.

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