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Sanjeeb Ranjan Bhattacharjee

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Course Description

For Grade 5 students, the mathematics syllabus will vary depending on the school. We have generalized the course which fits best for all schools’ students:

  1. Number and Operations:

           - Place value, reading, writing, and comparing numbers.

            - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole                           numbers.

            - Addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators.

            - Understanding and working with decimals.

  1. Measurement:

            - Length, weight, volume, and capacity measurement.

            - Converting between different units of measurement.

  1. Geometry:

            - Identifying and classifying different types of angles.

            - Understanding and working with different types of polygons.

            - Symmetry and transformations.

  1. Data Handling:

           - Collecting and organizing data using tables and graphs.

           - Interpretation of bar graphs and pictograms.

  1. Patterns and Sequences:

          - Identifying and continuing number patterns.

          - Geometric patterns.

  1. Time:

            - Reading and interpreting analog and digital clocks.

            - Understanding time intervals and calendars.

  1. Money:

            - Identifying and calculating with different denominations of coins                  and notes.

  1. Problem-Solving:

               - Applying mathematical concepts to real-life situations and word                  problems.

Completion of this course will ensure a well understanding of mathematics of class V level which will boost the academics of class VI.

Course Outcomes

  • Upon completing this course, students will:
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Mathematics.
  • Develop proficiency in applying mathematical principles to solve complex problems.
  • Cultivate critical thinking and analytical skills for effective evaluation of mathematical concepts.
  • Acquire hands-on experience and competence in using relevant tools and techniques.
  • Design and implement efficient and innovative mathematical solutions.
  • Foster effective communication skills to explain concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Demonstrate collaborative teamwork in achieving common goals using mathematical knowledge.
  • Embrace ethical and professional values in real-world applications of Mathematics.
  • Embrace ethical and professional values in real-world applications of Mathematics.
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for Mathematics' impact on society and its implications.
  • Be equipped with the necessary tools for continued learning and exploration of Mathematics beyond the classroom.

Required Qualifications

  1. Understanding level equivalent to class V
  2. Steady internet connections
  3. Laptop/ Desktop/Smartphone/Devices

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